Posted on: June 21, 2010

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Quicky post:


  • tried spaghetti squash – can’t believe I’ve been missing on this!  So good, definately will be making more!
  • finally baked some of  April’s Low Carb Protein Bars – turned out nice and golden brown 🙂
  • tried Camros Eatery, in downtown Toronto – kinda pricy for what you get, but it was still tasty – I got the quinoa salad and I think the Green Rice Ball
  • also bought and tried some Kale chips! Yumm!
  • went to a candy store and gave in to sweet tooth…now my stomach feels gross
  • won tickets to see a prescreening of Remember Me

I ran into a friend the other day. It was weird since I was thinking of her. But anyway, she knows that I practice yoga, and so she told me how her friend told her about a yoga (and Zumba) marathon for breast cancer research and asked if I’d be interested in doing it with her. As great of a cause as it is, I guess what’s held me back from participating in these fundraising things is just feeling uncomfortable asking others for money. Even if the money doesn’t actually go directly to me. But as a student myself, and not being employed, I always feel guilty when I can’t give or can’t give much when others ask me to donate. I guess it’s not liking having to put others in that position… But I thought about it, and I thought about how I believe that everything happens for a reason. This is an opportunity for myself to challenge myself. Both mentally, spiritually and physically. A whole day of yoga and Zumba (which I’ve never tried, by the way), will be physically-demanding. Also, letting go of the apprehension I have of asking others for their support and donations, and the fear of not being able to raise the $250, minimum. March 15th is coming up. This marks one year since my grandma lost her battle with cancer. I am going to do this for her. What a great opportunity to do something in memory of her, to challenge myself, learn something new, not let fears hold me back, raise money for a great cause, and hey, hopefully have some fun doing it! I see people run marathons and admire that, and I’m not a runner– I just don’t enjoy it like some people do, but this event would allow me to do something that I do enjoy. I’m glad I changed my mind, but feel a little silly for over-thinking those fears. It’s amazing how much power our thought can have over our lives.

I haven’t registered yet, but I will, and when I do, I’ll post the link up.


In terms of fitness, I took yesterday off as a rest day (since I had a long day at school), and since I lifted on Monday. Today was suppose to be yoga, but it’s cancelled tonight, so I might try to something on my own, although I did an easy 10 minutes on the elliptical. I’m pretty sore from Monday. I do love the feeling, though. It’s weird because I didn’t wake up sore yesterday, I started feeling it as the day went on yesterday, and more so today. I usually feel sore two days after a hard workout I haven’t done in a while. Otherwise, I don’t really get sore. Is that a good thing?  Tomorrow will be weights with Burn Circuit 2 and I’m suppose to be trying a yoga class at school with a friend, so, two workouts tomorrow!

Man, I need to stop procrastinating. I’ve been on here all day, working on the same critique paper and have only written….one paragraph. Sigh. I figured I’d be productive if I updated this at least. Oprah in 15…Jessica Simpson. I know, i know…

It’s gorgeous outside. So excited for spring and summer! It makes me wanna just get out and walk around and explore the beautiful city!

my fitness gurus.

Alright, so new month, time to re-commit. I’ve fallen off the workout routine for the past few weeks with schoolwork and a trip. But it’s a new month, and I’ve been wanting to start lifting heavy again, so, I’m starting up round #2 of ChaLean Extreme.

I did Burn phase, Circuit #1 today, haven’t done it for about a year (since the first round of the program). It’s awesome, because, despite not having done heavy lifting since last April-ish, I was still able to up most of the weights, and do all 12 push-ups w/ leg lifts on my toes 🙂 Yay! I just feel stronger and more accomplished with lifting, than say…cardio. Yeah, cardio’s not my most favourite, so I’ll have to figure out ways to get that in more. My arm’s been shaking since my workout!  

So, the plan is to follow the ChaLean plan in terms of lifting three times a week. The other days…I’m still figuring out. I know 1-2 days I will be doing yoga. 

Love muscles! Day one is complete.

Another very important thing to tackle…food. Gotta make more of an effort to eat clean.

Another attempt.

Starting March 01, 2010.

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